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ETA (Educational Technology Association)

In July of 2015 the West Shore ESD merged technology services with the Wexford-Missaukee ISD to form the Educational Technology Association (ETA). The resulting new entity provides full technology and core data systems support for the two ISDs and seven local districts along with ISD/ESD level support for all districts in the service area. Additionally, data support includes the Manistee ISD region. For more information on the ETA technology cooperative visit k12eta.org   


It is the mission of the ETA to improve teaching and learning.


It is the vision of the ETA to be an essential partner with local school districts in the enhancement of student achievement.


  • To support and enhance leadership capacity at all levels
  • To support a paradigm shift from teacher-directed to student-centered learning
  • To empower local school districts to improve teaching and learning by leveraging data and technology resources
  • To develop and implement programs that ensure all local school district children enter kindergarten ready to succeed
  • To develop and implement programs that ensure local school district students graduate ready to pursue college and careers 


The basic philosophy of the ETA is to empower educators and learners at all levels to improve learning by whatever means is effective to them. 

In an effort to support the Mission, Vision and Goals of the ETA, the philosophy described above guides the work of the ETA. As such the work of the ETA is focused in three areas, Leadership, Infrastructure, and Data.  

  • Leadership efforts focus on creating an environment that supports positive change focused on curriculum, assessment and instruction. Pursuing grants, cultivating collaborative relationships and programs and working to influence and leverage regional, state and national efforts are all examples of this work.
  • Infrastructure efforts provide the foundation for technology operations. These include network, internet, email, voice/phone, security, operating systems, productivity and creative software and collaborative connectivity and support.
  • Data efforts focus on streamlining educational data processes at all levels. From data entry, to common data systems, to collaborative deployment and support in areas including but not limited to student information systems, data warehousing, special education, food service, assessment, longitudinal data systems, and school improvement systems.

ETA Director

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Josh Hayes

ETA Instructional Consultant

Chad Riffle
West Shore ESD

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