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ASM Tech Early College High School

At ASM Tech, we provide an opportunity for college-ready high school sophomores to apply to our program. Selected students jump ahead one year and earn 60 college credits for free, with the focused support of our staff. This all happens while each student develops an individualized educational path that matches his or her career aspirations.


Hear from our students...


“In my previous years in school, I believe I had more of a fixed mindset because everyone seemed to maintain the same amount of intelligence throughout our years. For example, the “smart” kids were always smart, and the people who were “dumb” never really improved much. My mindset changed when I was exposed to new experiences. In only one semester, I have seen all of my friends in college grow to some extent, while high school seemed to be a plateau that everyone was stuck on. My mindset has definitely changed due to my experiences in this semester. We have all given each other feedback that gives us the opportunity to grow. With a fixed mindset, I would have never been able to get to the point I am at today.” 

5th Year ASM Tech Student


"I’ve always heard people say that following your heart is the key to having a long and happy life. I do agree with this statement, but my idea of success is somewhat different. In the beginning of this semester, my idea of success was that a person will only be truly successful when they are happy with where their life decisions have led them. Over the course of this semester I have come to believe that a person will not be truly successful until they are satisfied with the amount of effort they’ve put into their life goals.

5th Year ASM Tech Student


Our 2021 Sophomore Application Season has begun...

Sophomore presentations take place in local high schools during January and February. Ask your high school counselor for further information.


Family Informational Meetings:

To learn more about this opportunity, the public is invited to attend a Family Informational Meeting. 

Meetings have concluded for this academic year.  Please contact our Coordinator if you would like more information.



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